3 Massages Every Parent Should Know: Relieve Cramps And Put Baby To Sleep In A Matter Of Seconds

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Sleep and cramps are among the biggest concerns parents have regarding their babies. Especially if they are first-time parents, they try to identify the reason behind every tear. If you have tried everything and the baby is still crying, perhaps it is time to try some massages and shantala is one of them.

Massage for babies

The ancient method promises to calm the baby down, providing comfort and well-being, stimulating the release of hormones that help the baby relax. It also strengthens the relationship between mother and baby, and that is what will leave the baby calmer and quieter, according to psychometrist Carmen Costa. The techniques of shantala massage can be used in newborns, but also in older children.

It is recommended that the small ones receive a massage during the interval of breastfeeding so that they do not choke or have reflux.

Ways to do Shantala: 3 options

To relax

If done before your baby goes to sleep, the massage will leave him even more relaxed to get a great night's sleep. Lighter, soothing oils such as lavender and chamomile can be used, as well as light movements throughout the baby's body.

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As they are still forming and developing their intestines, many babies are constipated and cannot poop. Lay the baby on their back on a comfortable surface. Lift the little legs, bending them towards the abdomen, pressing the intestine, which will eliminate the gasses, relieving the pain.


Cramps make us desperate. Or rather, they used to. The discomfort can now be relieved with the shantala technique. Hold the baby in one of your arms, supporting his back and torso, with his head up. In this position, massage his tummy with circular movements until he feels more relieved and the pain subsides.

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Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Mariana Riscala.